Labyrinth Reflections


The Labyrinth

Grace and fluidity mark the way. There is no true start or stop – rather, a place to depart, and one to reflect. The raised path invites one to discover, to go on a journey. It’s not so much a linear tracing as an inflation of spirit.Like a balloon filling with air, making the picture on its skin more focussed as it fills. Just as one feels familiar with the direction of their journey, the path twists, turns back on itself, and takes long strides into yet another  unknown, forcing the creative mind to constantly refocus, recalibrate, refresh. The journey ends with a reflection inviting peace, clarity and inspiration.

Elaine, 2016

Relaxed and Alert!

That’s the best state of all – relaxed yet alert.
And that for me is the state induced through the use of the labyrinth, especially when one closes their eyes to tune out visual senses.
Being alone with oneself this way is a meditative state and very peaceful. A place where the ‘noise’ of the world ceases. One is then able to tap their great inner reservoir of calm – a reservoir that exists in each of us.
I wonder if this reservoir has something to do with heaven. I spoke to a man recently who had been through a near death experience. He spoke of the light he observed as being incredibly peaceful. Exactly!
-Bruce, Summer 2016



Reflections using the Labyrinth

The Circle of Life
It has its beginnings with the first breath of life.
The last breath – the last exhale at one’s death.
The breath of life – the inhale and exhale feeds our souls.
The Hebrew word for breath – Neshama also means soul.
We not only feed our souls, but our bodies, emotions, mental capacities and our spirits.
As I breathe, with awareness, I imagine myself in the circle of life –
Growing, expanding, reaching out to others.
With love and healing, with healing hands, healing heart and soulful.

Thelma, July 2016

Lullaby in the Labyrinth

Rhythms of life, ups and downs,
Ebbs and flows;
If only the music within could remain so calm.
We start with lullabies,
Their steady beats and rhyming words --
Soft, soothing, slow;
Then somewhere in the passage of time
Lyrics become free verse --
With hard drum beats out of time
Often chaotic, no rhythm, no rhyme
Stop.  Remember the rhythm of the lullaby!
Slow down, stay focused:
This is the ritual’s call
To bring the lullaby into the heart
And let the slow, calming rhythm reign.
Lisa Swift, June 2016

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