Basic Line

Basic Line: Keep it Simple


In your hectic life, a single smile is all that's needed to give you pause - to smile back, to appreciate the moment, or to just feel good inside your belly. The Natural Line is intended to give you that pause, that mindful moment in your day. The line comes in 4 solid colours focusing on fresh clean path lines.

Our wood tile labyrinths are all hand-made by us. They come in two sizes, using our own custom designs with a solid white tactile path. The Basic Line has a soft touch raised path, that you can follow with your finger. Each Artful Labyrinth comes with instructions for use.

Use your hand-held labyrinth to start or end your day so you can ... Share a smile or welcome a smile for a moment of joy and pleasure in your busy day!

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Mindful Soulutions' Artful finger labyrinth, wood tiles are all custom designed and hand-made by us. They come in two sizes, 6x6"and 8x8". The individual categories are specially created as a spiritual tool to enhance mindfulness, calm a busy mind, or simply to be admired for their beauty.

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