Mindfulness Workshops

Mindfulness Practice means learning how to purposefully be more aware of what is happening in the NOW.

The more you are aware of your external and internal environments in the present moment, the better able you're to deal with the emotions and stresses in daily life.

But learning how to be more aware takes practice!

Our workshops train you how to:

  • Easily and effectively observe your thoughts, body sensations and emotions
  • Stay grounded in any situation
  • Insert  pauses in conversations and actions (for space to respond and not  just react)

    We teach you the Neuroscience behind Mindfulness training, and the role of the pre-frontal cortex, amygdala and how they help you Reduce Stress.

    For a detailed workshop summary, CLICK Below on the appropriate Lunch & Learn - Business, Health Care or Educational Setting.

    Or contact us at: Nora@story-lines.ca

    Mindful Soulutions' Artful finger labyrinth, wood tiles are all custom designed and the paths are hand-painted by us. They come in two sizes, 6x6"and 8x8". The individual categories are specially created as a meditation tool to enhance mindfulness, calm a busy mind, or simply to be admired for their beauty.

     To ORDER your labyrinth, contact us at: nora@story-lines.ca



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