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Why A Labyrinth?

In our frantic world, the hardest thing for most people to do, on demand, is to slow down, quiet the mind and stay focused. Walking Labyrinths are spiritual tools at least four thousand years old. Through proportion, placement and position, the mind is transformed into a state of quiet, calm and openness.

A labyrinth is NOT a maze with dead ends, but a set path to the centre and back. Finger labyrinths are replicas of the original walking designs with instant access to refocus a stressed mind. It can be used as a meditation or calming tool.

Our finger labyrinth wood tiles are all hand-made by us. They come in two sizes, using our own artful custom designs.They are bonded to wood with a painted raised tactile path that you can follow with your finger. The Artful Labyrinths are created to enhance mindfulness, calm the mind, or simply to be admired for their beauty.

Examples of daily use: meditation warm-ups, de-stress a buzzing mind, before business meetings, to treat insomnia, health care settings for hope, in schools or at home for quiet moments and focus, for reflection and grieving, soul searching, or as inspiration for creative endeavours. In short, handheld Labyrinths are the perfect tool to bring you back to the present moment anytime, anyplace!

Although our handheld labyrinths are 5-circuits, instead of 11, this video is a great resource to help you understand and best use your Artful labyrinth.

Mindful Soulutions' Artful finger labyrinth, wood tiles are all custom designed and the paths are hand-painted by us. They come in two sizes, 6x6"and 8x8". The individual categories are specially created as a meditation tool to enhance mindfulness, calm a busy mind, or simply to be admired for their beauty.

 To ORDER your labyrinth, contact us at: nora@story-lines.ca



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